So long and thanks for all the feeds, Google Reader!

Google reader

If you’re like me, you’ve seen this message a few times. I’ve been a heavy user of Google Reader since 2007, and I use it with both my professional gmail address and my personal one (hey, those food blogs aren’t going to read themselves). Since I got this message for the first time a few months ago, I’ve cycled through the five stages of grief and I think I may have finally reached the acceptance phase. With a mere week to spare before my hundreds (thousands?) of Google Reader feeds are lost forever, I’ve decided to investigate a few other options. Luckily, many folks have already done the dirty work for me, so it looks like my procrastination paid off!

Libraries and librarians have been all over this transition offering colleagues and patrons useful posts and sites like these:

Basically, there are lots of options out there. I’m currently trying two to see which one I like the best: Feedly and Old Reader. Feedly makes the import process from Google Reader incredibly easy, with just one click, but I’m not in love the with interface. I like the interface of Old Reader better, but I had some issues exporting my Google Reader subscriptions and importing to Old Reader. I’ll let these two duke it out for my RSS affections over the next few weeks and then decide which one I like best!

Here are a few more excellent resources that suggest and describe alternatives to Google reader:

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