#NCLA13 Web Design for Libraries recap

Thanks to all who joined us for the Web Design for Libraries session last Friday!  We had an almost full room.  Here’s a brief recap:

Alan Unsworth from Surrey Community College talked about his experience using LibGuides to run his library’s website (http://libguides.surry.edu/home).  He emphasized how easy the system made very complex tasks, like adding cover art from books and embedding a NC Knows chat widget.  He also talked about how robust the libguides community and technical support is, and that if you get stuck there’s always someone to ask for help.

Chad Haefele and Emily King from UNC demoed WordPress, which runs both the UNC Libraries’ website (http://library.unc.edu) and the LAUNC-CH (launcch.web.unc.edu) site.  They addressed the positives and negatives of WordPress.  One main point is that while WordPress is extremely flexible, it can take significant work to get it to do exactly what you want.  Their slides are available online.

Thanks again for joining us at the NCLA conference!

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